Permanent installations

LED sign for the Houston Restaurant on Yonge Street in Toronto. Specifications included exact colors to meet. LED strips were used for the edges of all the cabins. The ceiling lights offer all the same intimate subdued atmosphere. This embedded sign is backlit with hidden LED strips. A programmable console controls all lighting for consistent colors throughout the restaurant. The lighting of the restaurant was an entirely changed for LED in order to save energy, but also to allow night lighting for 24/7 banner visibility. Sign backlit by LED strips. All LED lighting in the restaurant is programmable to achieve desired colors and lighting temperature as required. The refitted lighting is a fully adjustable RGB LED system controlled by programmable console (lighting temperature and color). Sound and on-screen video systems are used for a customizable atmosphere. Decorative edge lit with red LED at the Houston Restaurant, Yonge Street, Toronto, 2012. A full LED lighting system that does not emit heat allows a more comfortable workspace behind the bar. Controlled by a console, the lights are adjustable to create the desired atmosphere. Small LED projectors are used for wall-wash lighting and ceiling lighting for intimate atmosphere of tables. The group section has adjustable LED lighting and video screen. Wine bottle racks of the cellar section of the Houston Restaurant with LED lighting. LED lighting for the racks does not generate heat and therefore does not alter the wine with heat as a traditional lighting could do. Decorative directional LED spotlights at the Station des Sports in Brossard. LED lighting is used for aesthetics as well as for its energy efficiency and durability. Shelve system backlight with RGB LED rolls that changes color at programmed intervals. Station des Sports Restaurant in Brossard 2012. Wall-wash LED lighting with variable color and lighting temperature intensifies the details of the wall texture and create a dramatic effect that intensifies the atmosphere. The effect of the wall-wash LED lighting is more intense here. The color variations are adjusted and programmed using a central console. Opium Bar Lounge, Montreal 2005. The 100% LED concept and design do not emit heat. Ceiling lamps and LED backlight shelves with programmable colors. The Opium Bar Lounge needed lighting that can create different adjustable and programmable atmospheres for the day (restaurant) and the evening (Bar Lounge). We installed a new sound system (for calls and last calls with priorities) across the building. Video screens with media were also installed for electronic display. Everything was done according to the specifications for the renovation of the Central Station in Montreal in 2012. A video projection system has been designed for the condo sales office in Griffintown. Projectors display images of various condo for sale views (interior and exterior) on the walls on all sides. A sound system was also installed for mood music. Various projectors (Christie Digital) were used to dress the walls and other surface with views of the condos.


Welcome to the 2013 SIDIM - The Montreal International Design Show SIDIM entrance, lighting by Le Groupe Spectre Sonore Wide area lighting structures, sound and video projections by Le Groupe Spectre Sonore 5-7 Agence PID, lighting and sound designed and installed by Le Groupe Spectre Sonore Chairs transformed in artworks show at the 2013 SIDIM. The chairs/artworks were designed by quebec tv personnalities Complete decoration of the hall by Le Groupe Spectre Sonore for the official opening cocktail of the sales office of Studio Saint-Martin (red carpet, red curtains, tables and chairs). Image projections on the walls with the Christie Digital HD 10K projector. Use of the Martin Mac 700 mobile projectors (gobos). Official cocktail for the opening of the sales office of Studio Saint-Martin in 2013. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore also designed an atmosphere with LED lighting that completely shrouds the space with intense red light. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore took charge of all the installation and operation of equipment for the 100th anniversary of Ville LaSalle. The Groupe Spectre Sonore team had to be imaginative for the lighting of some decorative elements such as the suspended ropes. A video projection system was designed for the occasion. LIGHT 700 MKII LED projectors were used. The fact that LED lighting does not emit heat is an advantage for events with that many participants. The stage for the 100th anniversary of Ville LaSalle, used for musical performances, with its structures, lighting trusses, projectors, sound and curtains from Le Groupe Spectre Sonore. The Montreal International Design Show (SIDIM) 2012. For the event, Le Groupe Spectre Sonore is responsible for the lighting of large areas using projectors and more than 800 feet of lighting trusses. 5-7 at the Groupe Spectre Sonore kiosk. You can see the mood lighting at the back created with RGB wall-wash LED and suspended LED strips. The Montreal International Design Show (SIDIM) with conventional lighting. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore was also responsible for the installation of the larger booths of the event. Backlighting of the canvas over the structure for the Rendez-vous du Design using LED strips. Loft Hotel logo projection with gobo on backlit curtains. Red carpet installed in the entrance hall with RGB LED lighting and wall-wash mood lighting. Another part of the Loft Hotel lobby with red carpet, RGB LED lighting and wall-wash mood lighting. Hall of the Loft Hotel with red carpet. We can see a structure with mounted projector. The hall of the Loft Hotel with its red carpet awaits the guests. You can see here, bottom left, one of the LED mood lighting projectors and a projector on a structure in the background. Giant screen with video presentation in the lobby of Hotel Loft. One of the reception halls at Hotel Loft with mood lighting for the event. Stage with structure and lighting trusses installed for the DJ with sound and lighting. We see one of the many colors available with LED lighting that changes according to those programmed in the control console of the lighting system. View from the other end of the reception hall showing another of the many lighting colors programmed and where some guests are gathered for the event. The same section of the reception hall with a different kind of lighting where mobile projectors are featured. The reception hall bathed in white light before the guests arrive. One of many other mood LED lighting colors. One of many other mood LED lighting colors. The bar area at the back of the room behind the staircase. It was also fitted with a programmed variable mood lighting color system. One of many other backlit mood LED illumination colors. Bright red mood LED lighting and backlighting for the bar of the reception hall ready for the Party of the Industry Party at Hotel Loft Montreal 2012. Neutral lighting with gobo image projections. The guests start to arrive. Warm atmosphere lighting with gobo image projection. With most of the guests present, the party can really begin. Mood lighting effects, moving projections and videos, not to mention the sound really start the party. Projecting various images with mobile projectors (gobos). Projections can be coordinated with mood lighting. A relaxing green with a gobo prismatic effect. Vibrant colors earlier in the evening. You can see the layout of mobile projectors and gobo ready to set the mood. The reception hall under a different light. Each light color represents a specific atmosphere. Here, the green fort nature, wealth and prestige. This blue creates a nocturnal atmosphere of calm and serenity. Guests under sunny lighting with the DJ area flooded under the images from the mobile projectors. Industry Party at Hotel Loft in Montreal 2012. You could swear the images projected by the gobos are literally floating in the air. Blue again, but a colder, showing a transition in the evening. The party booming under a blazing orange lighting. A quieter time under softer colors. Another of the many halls and rooms, L'Escale event catering, decorated and illuminated for the event. Still L'Escale event catering with amplified speakers on discreet tripods to blend in with the decor. Caterer cooking counter backlit with a flame effect (orange and red LED). Installing the stage, lighting and sound for the CRAM Symposium 2010. Official launch of the Blackberry PlayBook tablet at the Loft Hotel in Montreal 2011. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore took charge of all the installation and operation of equipment for this event at the Loft Hotel. Giant screens, lighting and sound systems were needed for the launch of the Blackberry PlayBook tablet 2011. Stage of the show featuring Sylvain Cossette and Andrée Waters with structures and lighting, practicable, projectors, sound and giant LED screen in the background for the opening of new warehouses of Lefebvre et Benoît. Complete event production marking the inauguration of the new warehouse of Lefebvre et Benoît. Management of the security, the caterer, planning of the parking spaces and a smoke room. We also did the complete installation of the trade show that was part of the event. In addition to the complete installation of the lighting and sound, not to mention the stage for the Rock & Roll show, we select the feature artists and the DJ who was Eric Nolin. The show featured Sylvain Cossette with his guest star Andrée Waters.


Studio Secret Evening of December 2013 Holidays Studio Secret Thematic Evening December 2013 Studio Secret Celebrating Holidays December 2013 Studio Secret Christmas Party December 2013 Studio Secret Office Party in December 2013 Studio Secret December 2013 Lolë White Yoga Session 2013 at the Montreal Olympic Stadium The Groupe Spectre Sonore mobile unit at the Olympic Stadium for the Lolë White Yoga event 2013 Outdoor stage with DEL screen for the Lolë White Yoga Session 2013 taking place inside the the Montreal Olympic Stadium Lighting trusses with Line Array QSC Wide Line sound system for Lolë White Yoga at the Olympic Stadium 5,000 were present at the Lolë White Yoga Session 2013 and Le Groupe Spectre Sonore was glad to supply the event with a giant screen, capture, video production and sound for the entire site. Installation of the stage as well as the lighting and sound equipment by the Groupe Spectre Sonore technicians for the Lolë White Yoga Session event in Toronto. Last minute adjustments before beginning the Lolë White Yoga Session. Here you can see the Groupe Spectre Sonore mobile unit specially designed for events and ready at the Lolë White Yoga Session in Toronto. Lolë White Yoga Session at Toronto in June 2013 led by Grace Dubery to build peace with yoga. A behind the scenes look during an interview at the Lolë White Yoga Session in Toronto, June 2013. LED lighting safe and without heat illuminates the inside of this balloon. Projectors were also used to display logos of the event on various surfaces, including another very large white balloon. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore was responsible for the entire sound of this large area event (including sound for the DJ and the feature artists) for Le Diner en Blanc 2012 in Montreal. Le Diner en Blanc is a global phenomenon, launched in 1988. It brings together friends and friends of friends who gather for a Diner en Blanc with all participants dressed in white. The entire area of the event is illuminated by a mood lighting LED system with light distributed in strategic locations. The lighting and sound were planned with the impressive area occupied by the event in mind, but also because it takes place in public places not necessarily intended for this purpose. Special lighting was used to highlight some structural elements (here, a tent and a statue base with purple light). Le Diner en Blanc welcomes thousands of people each year, 2012 being no exception. The sound and broadcasting through the site were provided by an antenna on reserved FM frequency. A night lighting security system was also installed. All tubular structures and lighting trusses for lighting and sound were provided by Le Groupe Spectre Sonore, as well as scenic and stage elements. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore took care of the logistics for the Festival Bières et Saveurs event that was held at Fort Chambly Federal Park. The facilities served for the most diverse outdoor performances enjoyed by all visitors to the Festival Bières et Saveurs of Chambly 2012. A multimedia terrace was also installed with giant screens in the background for live broadcastings of performances and interviews on the site, as well as for advertising of sponsors of the event. Turnkey construction of a big budget marriage. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore designed the scene with lighting structures and trusses, stage, sound, mood lighting and the entire reception hall setup. For this large wedding Le Groupe Spectre Sonore prepared the table layout and the room decorations. We also used LED for mood lighting. The Gala of the Chambre de commerce in 2010 took place in the cafeteria of the polyvalente of Chambly. We totally transformed the space by adding curtains, scene structure and trusses, lighting, sound, big screens, as well as tables and chairs. Planning of the opening cocktail reception for the Convention Salon Son & Image of Montreal at the Hilton Bonaventure 2011. Projections on giant screens, lighting and stage sound. Choosing of the guest host who was François Charron. Mega color projection of Mentos custom logo on building front using mobile projectors for promotion. DJ and sound, structures and lighting for the official launch of Mentos gum, Toronto 2009. Revue on ice of the Figure Skating Club student who had followed courses. Lighting with conventional projectors and mirror balls as well as gobos that project various images and shapes on the ice. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore was in charge of the decoration of bleachers, lighting and sound as well as video projection. During the revue on ice of the Figure Skating Club, it was possible to project different patterns and pictures with mobile gobo projectors, including a picture of the earth viewed from space. Gobos are used for projecting images of various geometric shapes and colors like stars. Revue on ice of the Ice Skating Club student with many multicolored spotlights. Lighting with gobos which project various forms on the ice. We also designed the sound and the overall lighting. Festivalissimo 2011. Latin outdoor festival sponsored by Loto-Québec. We designed the structure for the stage including the lighting trusses, practicable, lighting and sound. Our technicians were responsible for the installation and operation of the equipments. Montreal Golf Omnium 2009. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore designed the mega structures for displaying sponsor and event banners. Custom advertising structure. We had to adjust to the specific dimensions of the sponsor banners. We designed the structures of the various marquees on the site of the Montreal Golf Omnium 2009. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore booth at the Rendez-vous HRI (Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions). Installation of kiosk structures and lighting. LED lighting presentation in all its forms for indoor and outdoor uses at the Salon Rendez-vous HRI at Place Bonaventure in Montreal 2012. LED screen can be installed both indoor and outdoor. This type of screen can even be bent. Ray Junior Production Rave was being held in an old army bunker. For the event, we have provided the DJ consoles, video projection, lighting and generators to supply all the much-needed electricity. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore designed the mega structures at La Ronde in Montreal for the pyrotechnic firing by the Canadian delegation, which won the gold Jupiter at the International des Feux Loto-Quebec 2010. Xenon Promotional Sky Projector (also called sky search or skylight) with 4000 watts used for the promotion of various events, openings and launch. Complete installation of the outdoor stage for the Bran Van 3000 Festival in Montreal 2012, including structures and trusses, lighting, projectors, sound, practicable, stairs and stage skirts.


Pixel Hub broadcast and film trade show, at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal 2012. Testing the Coolux studio system. Pandoras Box is a real time player and content management system for large size images and HD video content. Coolux Pandoras Box. The videos and images are projected, seamless on large screens, curved planes or surfaces of many shapes. Le Groupe Spectre Sonore, in addition to its booth, provided all the other kiosks, the lighting, the sound systems and generators needed for the event. The kiosk of Le Groupe Spectre Sonore at the Pixel Hub broadcast and film trade show, at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal 2012. We were the leading lighting supplier for the 2008 Canadian film The broken line. Our lighting bridges provided the light over the boxing ring and we realized the projections with the Martin Mac 2000 (wash and gobo). Participation in various scenes from the movie The Mummy III: Tomb of the Emperor in 2008. Lighting with special effects - Martin Mac 2000 Performance and Martin Mac 550 Profile for light effects and reflections in the temple and the cave. We provided the lighting and a cubic structure for video recording. The cubic structure was used for the shots showing the different angles of Alex Kovalev hockey technique 2008. Mounting and setting for TQS Caffeine show live broadcast during the 2006 Halloween. Anouk Meunier seen here with the weather forecast. For the 2006 Halloween, we installed various equipment for a supernatural and ominous atmosphere (lighting and special effects - SGM Palco, Jem smoke machine - lighting bridge structure). An undead guards our equipment (monitors and consoles) used to control and program the various lighting, sound and special effects for the set of TQS Caffeine show live broadcast. Here we used ultraviolet lights (also known as blacklights) to create a luminous effect on the surface some objects for the 2006 Halloween live broadcast of the Caffeine show at TQS. Calibrated lighting used with green and blue screens for Cinépool 2012.  Cinépool. Shooting on green and blue backgrounds (green and blue screen). Preparing the set for a natural outdoor lighting in the Cinépool studios. We provided consoles and monitors for viewing the shootings, and the control and programming of the lighting. Lighting set for an interior scene in the Cinépool studios. Another angle to show how the LED lighting is used for filming scenes in studio. Various setups at Cinépool for promotional photo shots, as well as short and feature films. We have provided the LED lighting (with variable color and heat intensity) as well as the lighting truss structures for photo and video shoots. Mood lighting for indoor scene to give the impression of having been shot outside for Cinépool. This is another view of the same scene with the film crew and actors. The lights are set for a realistic and natural outdoor lighting effect.