For your filming, photo shoots, recordings, short and feature films, Le Groupe Spectre Sonore offers a wide range of products including: hanging, fastening, lighting trusses, riggings, chain hoist, motors, special effects (including dry ice smoke), intelligent lighting, strobe, conventional lighting, DMX, stage products (such as podiums, risers, curtains and skirts, platforms and stairs, etc.), and more.

Ensure the success of your filming or photo session with Le Groupe Spectre Sonore equipment. Whether it is for lighting, sound, special effects or scenic elements, our rental service offers high performance products and cutting-edge technology, delivered on site, and backed up by training and technical services for installation and operation of equipment for the greater Montreal area.

Contact us for any questions or to request a quote by phone at 450 812 4400, toll free at 1 877 443 9260 or by using our email form or Tender form »

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Recent achievements
The Broken Line - Canadian movie - 2008
Achievements The Broken Line - 2008
Achievements Green screen filming
Achievements Studio filming
Halloween - Ready for filming
Achievements Halloween filming